Wednesday, April 15, 2015

Alternative to "Designing Applications" Module in CTA Study Guide

The CTA Study Guide recommends the following three DEV-401 modules: Designing Applications, Data Management, and Enhancing the User Interface Using Visualforce. However, upon checking the training catalog I couldn't find an online module titled "Designing Applications".

Searching for "designing applications", the catalog returned two relevant courses: Building Applications with - Part 1 & Part 2. So, based on the descriptions I figured the following modules would make a more complete set to start my training:

  • Design Considerations. This module introduces the business requirements that an organization might have when setting up security and access.
  • Managing Your Users' Experience. Learn how to set up users with appropriate permissions. See how licenses and profiles dictate a user's access to an application.
  • Controlling Access to Records. Examine different ways in which users receive access to records: through ownership, organization wide defaults, roles and sharing rules.
  • Designing Data Access Security. This module provides a summary of security and access features. Through a number of business scenarios, students will have the opportunity to apply the knowledge that they have gained about determining user access.
  • Data Management. Learn the basics of data management including record IDs, external IDs, and object relationships.
  • Enhancing the User Interface Using Visualforce. Discover what Visualforce is and its features and capabilities. Learn the basics of Visualforce syntax and how Visualforce components are similar to HTML and XML. Learn how to create Visualforce pages and add them into an application.
  • Additional Uses for Visualforce. Continue to explore using Visualforce pages to change the look and feel of a page, to display Salesforce data on a website using AJAX and JavaScript in conjunction with Visualforce, and to develop Visualforce pages for mobile devices.