Tuesday, June 30, 2015

Salesforce Change Set Accelerators

Okay, so this post isn't really about web accelerators in the purest sense of the definition. But if you're frustrated with the experience of navigating and managing change sets in the UI, here are a few quick bookmarklets you can add to your browser to ease the pain.

To "install" a bookmarklet, simply drag the bookmarklet on to your browser's bookmarks bar. Or, in Internet Explorer, right-click the bookmarklet and click Add to favorites...

Last Tested Date: June 30, 2015 (Summer '15)

Change Set: Next

CS > Next

Ever notice that sometimes when you click Next to scroll through the pages of 25 components in a change set, the size of the table shifts and displaces the Next link? This simple bookmarklet clicks the Next link for you, without you having to move your mouse cursor.

Change Set: Previous

CS > Previous

Same as the Change Set: Next bookmarklet, but for the Previous link.

Add to Change Set: more (10,000 records per list page)

AtCS > more (10,000)

When adding components to a change set, especially for something like Custom Fields, you may have noticed two frustrating problems. First, clicking through multiple pages to find the record you want is a pain. Second, multiplying the pain is the fact that what you select on one page is lost when you switch to a different page. This bookmarklet sort of solves the problem by upping the size of the list to 10,000 records, which usually is enough to allow you to select and add all components of the same type at once.

Other tips

If you're planning to create a large change set as you build out your solution over multiple days or weeks, bookmarking the change set's detail page in your sandbox org should be a quick win.