Thursday, June 1, 2017

Trigger + Process + Workflow = Recursion Hell?

As your Salesforce org matures, chances are you'll find yourself trying to untangle Apex triggers, processes created with Process Builder, and workflow rules. Specifically when field updates are involved, predicting the outcome from the order of operations can be a pita, especially because the documentation still leaves room for questions in cases involving recursion.

Follow the two rules below for a reduced-pain implementation.

If you're updating fields on a in Process Builder, and you've marked the "Recursion" checkbox, know that every time the record is updated by the process, before and after trigger events will fire again. This is also true for updates made by a process invoked as an action by another process.

So all in all, remember that a single Apex trigger could run 14 (fourteen) times for a single DML operation! If you're mixing triggers with processes and workflow rules, make very sure your business logic in triggers will survive recursion.


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