Wednesday, December 3, 2014

Where are my Featured Search images in Kokua?

If you're trying out the new Community Designer feature (in beta still, as of Winter '15), you may run into a bit of trouble getting the images to appear correctly for Featured Search on Kokua's homepage. At a high level, there are the three key requirements to getting an images to appear on the homepage, explained in more detail below.

  • Name the image as DataCategoryUniqueName-s.jpg
  • Upload the image as an asset using Studio
  • Enter a value using merge fields into the Category Image URL: {!Global.PathPrefix}/{!DataCategory.Name}.jpg

Note: The ".jpg" extension is not required, but it must match what you entered for the Category Image URL.

Name the image

To figure out what to name an image for a data category, you need to know the data category's Category Unique Name is. To figure this out, first go to Setup > Customize > Data Categories > Data Category Setup. Next, click the Actions button next to an existing data category, then click Edit Category. Now the Category Unique Name field and value will be exposed.

For the Featured Search box on the homepage, you need to specify 's' (stands for "square") for the <size> portion of the filename. Here are some examples.

Examples of image filenames for Featured Search
Data Category Unique NameImage TypeImage Filename

Note: The Winter '15 documentation for Featured Search says that you should use the convention <datacategoryname>-<size>.<filetype>. However, a more accurate convention is <datacategoryuniquename>-<size>.<filetype>.

Upload the image

This part is relatively simple. All you need to do is open Studio for the community's site, and then upload the image as an asset.

  1. Go to Setup > Customize > Communities > All Communities
  2. Click Community Designer next to your community
  3. Click the top header's picklist next the the word "Communities", and click Go to Studio
  4. In the left-hand navigation tree, click Assets under All Site Content
  5. Click the Import... button, and upload your image

Note: If you upload a .zip file where the images are stored in folders, you will need to tweak your Category Image URL in the last step.

Enter a value for Category Image URL

Finally, while you're in Studio, you need to edit the main page and enter a value for the Category Image URL property in Featured Search.
  1. On the Overview tab, click Site Pages under All Site Content
  2. Double-click main under Site Map to open the page
  3. In the Views section, double-click Kokua Home to edit the view
  4. Under Page Structure, click Featured Data Categories
  5. In the Property Editor in the right sidebar, enter this exact value for Category Image URL: {!Global.PathPrefix}/{!DataCategory.Name}.jpg

Note: In the previous step if you uploaded a .zip file where the images are stored in folders, you need to include the folder names in the Category Image URL value, such as: {!Global.PathPrefix}/folder/subfolder/{!DataCategory.Name}.jpg