Saturday, May 2, 2015

Alternative to Integrations (DEV-502) in CTA Study Guide

The Salesforce CTA Study Guide (Spring '15) recommends completing the " Integrations (DEV502)" course in preparation for the exam. While the name of the course has changed to "Integrating with (DEV-502)", the bigger problem is that the course is only offered as a $3,400, 4-day instructor-led course, which I don't have the luxury of taking due to project commitments.

Furthermore, the description of the course reads, "Learn to design and build all types of integrations with The first day introduces the major integration methods and demonstrates techniques for using those methods. In the remaining days, you’ll explore the specifics of the major technologies that play a role in integration, including the Web services API, sites, and portals." My concern is that the description seems outdated. To name a few possible gaps:

  • Portals have been replaced with Communities
  • SSO with SAML 2.0 and OAuth are now possible
  • Canvas enables external apps to be folded in
  • Lightning Connect currently allows reading from (and eventually writing to) external databases as if they were native objects

Searching the training catalog instead for online courses matching the keyword "integrations" returned 37 results. While the resulting list of relevant courses is long, given the goal is to replace a 4-day course I think the following online courses make a good substitute for DEV-502:
  • Integrating with An Overview
  • Technical Architect: Integration Basics
  • Integrating with Outbound Messaging
  • Integrating with Salesforce to Salesforce
  • Integrating with Apex
  • Integrating with the SOAP API
  • Large Data Volumes
  • Integrating with the Bulk API
  • Introduction to the REST API
  • Integrating with the and Chatter REST APIs
  • Integrating with the Streaming API
  • Integrating with Security
  • Integrating with Single Sign-On
  • Writing Secure Applications on
  • Security Tips and Tricks
  • Integrating with Using Mashups and Canvas

And a bonus module would be to complete the official Salesforce1 Lightning Connect Tutorial on GitHub.