Monday, January 11, 2016

6 Reasons You Got the Generic Error Page

Sometimes in Visualforce, you'll have debug logging enabled for a community or portal user, but loading a page fails with no trace of what went wrong. When you look in the debug log for an explanation, all you see is that Salesforce successfully loaded the Generic Error Page configured for the site.

Before logging a case or asking a fellow developer for help, check for the following 6 common culprits.

  • Are you missing any static resources, {!$Resource.__}?
  • Are you missing any custom labels, {!$Label.__}?
  • Are you missing any custom permissions, {!$Permission.__}?
  • Are you missing any page references, {!$Page.__}?
  • Are you missing any custom controller/extension properties bound on the page? This can be a problem when deploying packages among sandbox orgs.
  • Are you missing any custom controller/extension actions bound on the page?

What I've also discovered, interestingly enough, is that for some reason using MavensMate v6.0.0 with Sublime Text 3, saving a Visualforce page or component skips the validation for global variables used in Visualforce.