Sunday, April 19, 2015

Alternative to DEV-501 Modules in CTA Study Guide

When planning my CTA studies, I didn't realize that the "Apex" and "Visualforce Controllers" modules mentioned in the Study Guide are actually courses in Spring '15, not modules. The Apex course is 331 mins, and the Visualforce Controllers course is 172 mins. Together that's over 8 hours of material to cover.

So, instead of going through both courses in full, since there seem to be several basic modules that I'm going to guess that really won't be useful for me, I'm going to revise my plans to cover just a few modules from each course.

From the Apex course:

  • Data Types and Logic
  • Object-Oriented Programming in Apex
  • Implementing Triggers
  • Working with Web Services
  • Receiving and Sending Emails Through Apex
  • Advanced Topics

From the Visualforce Controllers course:

  • Visualforce Controller Extensions and Custom Controllers
  • Further Visualforce Controller Topics

Another problem with the study guide is that there is no Managing Development Lifecycle module, or at least not one that I could find in the training catalog. In this cases I'm going to replace this "module" with simply reading through's official Development Lifecycle Guide.